The EVOLVE EXCLUSIVE E10 RF-RFID Antenna is the perfect solution for retailers that want a smooth, cost-effective transition to RFID, enabling them to leverage their existing RF tags and tagging process, and gradually transition to RFID-based EAS as they increase RFID tagging of merchandise for inventory management. In this way, retailers protect all of their merchandise, and gradually increase their RFID adoption, obtaining the dual beneἀts of a single RFID tag for both inventory management and loss prevention.
The E10 Antenna leverages Checkpoint’s patented Wirama Radar™, which reduces false alarms and improves merchandising Ḁexibility and the use of space near the store entrance. And the E10 accomplishes all of this while looking great too, thanks to its high-quality, customizable and easily interchanged fabric panels, which can reḀect your store’s ambiance or display seasonal promotional messages. Each E10 pedestal enhances your store’s inventory management, loss prevention and aesthetic needs.